21 Sep 2016

Growing the pipeline 2000+ transactions

During the month of September 2016 we have surpassed the major milestone of a 2000 registered ICT sourcing transactions. With this number we have extended the value of VPPipeline with another 500 transactions in less than two years. In addition, several functional improvements have been made to service our growing number of subscribers even better.

The milestone of a 2000 registered transactions required our workforce to analyse a little over 5.250 publications to get to this point. 

Below we've listed the most noteworthy facts to provide insight in the value of the data we have gathered so far:

  • 2000+ transactions including 294 multi-provider/framework agreements, these 294 agreements consist of 1756 underlying subcontracts.
  • 750 customers served by 440 providers
  • 80% of the transactions are delivered by 18% of those providers (81)
  • 855 transactions have a future expiration date
  • 248 transactions expire within the next 24 months
  • 78% of the transactions have a disclosed expiration date
  • 37% of the transactions have a disclosed TCV (Total Contract Value)

The table below indicates the distribution of the contracted services over all transactions with a future expiration date (upcoming renewals).


Click here to visit the register.


Our subscribers have access to all transactions, publications, personal alert settings, the expiration calendar and all other features of VPPipeline.

We will continue to improve, extend and complete the transaction register on a continuous basis.