29 Aug 2016

NEW: Use VPPipeline ALERTS to stay informed about customer contractual developments.

Create your personalised alerts to be proactively informed about customer specific contractual developments. 

Activate your alerts in three simple steps:

1. Click ALERTS in the menu and select the customer or industry for which you want to receive alerts.

2. Select one or more relevant services.

3. Activate one or more alert types.

You will receive an alert when a new transaction has been identified for the selected industry or customer.

You will receive a contract expiration notification ahead of actual contract expi
ration. You can define your personal prefered expiration notification timeframe (default 18 months).

You will receive a contract progress notification typically a number of years after contract start. You can define your personal prefered progress notification timeframe (default 24 months).


This will help you to stay informed about the relevant developments regarding new and existing contracts.

ALERTS are free, access to the contract details requires a subscription.

Click here to personalise your ALERTS now. 


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