12 Jan 2014

2013: 165 disclosed transactions with a TCV > € 1million

During 2013, VPPipeline identified and registered 165 transactions in the Dutch region, including 31 multi-provider framework agreements.

We counted 64 providers serving 128 different customers in the private and public sector.

50% of the identified disclosed transactions (excluding framework agreements) are delivered by 15 providers (ATOS, Capgemini, Centric, CGI, Detron, Fujitsu, Imtech, KPN, Mybrand, Ordina, PQR, Scholten Awater, Tele2, T-Systems and Valid).


39% of the disclosed transactions relate to (central) government EU tendering contract awards.


For 82% of the transactions the contract timing was disclosed and for 36% of the transactions the TCV (Total Contract Value) indication was disclosed. 

The top-5 deals (start-date 2013) with the largest disclosed TCV indication :

Royal Dutch Shell and AT&T , € 1b
Royal Dutch Shell and T-Systems,  € 975m
Kadaster and Capgemini, > € 100m
Gasunie frameworkagreement, € 80m - € 100m
Belastingdienst framework agreement > € 75m

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