02 Sep 2013

Growing the pipeline

During the month of August we have surpassed the major milestone of a 1000 registered IT outsourcing transactions. With this number we quadrupled the value of VPPipeline in just under 6 months. In addition, improvements have been made to service our growing number of subscribers even better.

The milestone of a 1000 registered contracts is a major accomplishment given the analysis workload necessary to enter these transactions in VPPipeline. Our workforce has analyzed a little under 2.800 publication to get to this point. Below we've listed the most noteworthy facts to provide insight in the value of the data we have gathered so far:

  • 1000+ transactions

  • 402 customers served by 172 providers

  • 80% of the transactions are delivered by 25% of those providers (44)

  • 489 contracts have a future expiration date

  • 198 contracts expire within the next 24 months

Which transactions are researched and registered  in VPPipeline?

  • Start date from 2000 onwards

  • Total Contract Value above € 1m

  • Private and Public sector

  • IT Outsourcing relevant transactions only

  • Application Management, End User Management, Infrastructure Management, Managed Network, Secondment, Printing, Hardware & Software

  • Customer is Head Quartered in the Netherlands and/or delivery is in the Netherlands

Upon request we have made a few improvements to the VPPipeline functionality. After login users will now be placed straight into the contract search page instead of having to find their way to it. This is more efficient for returning users who quickly want to research a specific customer or contract. The homepage still is available through the menu at the top of the page.

Furthermore social media sharing buttons have now become available in the news section of the website, allowing subscribers to share content with others through e-mail, LinkedIn and google+.

We will continue to extend and improve both the content and functionality of www.vppipeline.com.