• Growing the pipeline

    During the month of August we surpassed the major milestone of a 1000 registered IT outsourcing transactions. With this number we quadrupled the value of VPPipeline in just under 6 months. In addition, improvements have been made to service our growing number of subscribers even better.

    MORE 02 Sep 2013
  • Trust is on the rise

    Contract duration indicates trust is on the rise

    VPPerform discovered a significant average contract duration increase indicating trust is on the rise in the Dutch ICT outsourcing market. What we found was that over the past few years, both the total contract period and the initial period are becoming longer. Whether or not this is considered to be a maturity indicator in this market, it is clear that the buyer’s faith in their suppliers, and vice versa, clearly is gaining in strenght.


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  • What's in the pipeline?

    Yes indeed, 183 IT Outsourcing contracts expire within 24 months...

    New functionality : Dealing with lot's ("percelen")  and Framework Agreements

    MORE 05 Jun 2013
  • All doors are open !!

    More than 1.800 IT Outsourcing publications have been analysed and included in the transaction register. We have reached the desired quality level to open all doors and the first subscribers started to use the register, the expiration calendar and all other features. You are welcome at

    This article contains a number of interesting VPPipeline market statistics.

    MORE 16 Apr 2013
  • On behalf of the VPPipeline Team....

    The VPPipeline team wants to thank all of you who evaluated the VPPipeline service and website.

    Getting closer to open all doors !

    MORE 27 Mar 2013
  • VPPIPELINE.COM the first door is open

    The VPPIPELINE website became available early 2013. Read more about the progress and launch of this new information service powered by VPPerform.

    MORE 30 Jan 2013